Woodwind Department


 Fafúvós Tanszék  Magyar (Hungarian)

Head of Department

Laura VargaDr. Laura Varga was born in Szeged, Hungary. She started her musical education in Szeged and received her performing artist and teacher degree at the Liszt Music Academy location at University of Debrecen, as a student of István Matuz in 2000. During her studies Ms. Varga earned numerous national awards and prizes and also received First Prize at the International Flute Competition at Timisoara, Romania in 1998. Read More…






Dr. Laura Varga 
Head of Department
associate professor 
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: vargalaura32@hotmail.com


Department Faculty

Maczák János

János Maczák  
Associate Professor (clarinet)
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: arsnova@axelero.hu

 Németh József
József Németh  
Visiting Lecturer 
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: nemethcsuri7@t-online.hu


 Török János
János Török  
Visiting Lecturer 
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: csupika41@gmail.com


 Lass Zoltán
Zoltán Lass  
Visiting Lecturer 
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: mahgar@freemail.hu


 Vizsolyi Lívia
Lívia Vizsolyi  
Associate Professor 
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: vizsolyi.livia@freemail.hu


Tóth Györgyi
Györgyi Tóth  
Artist Teacher 
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: gyorgyi.toth@t-online.hu











Katalin Kállay Artist Teacher
E-mail: kalkati@t-online.hu









László Kecskemet Artist Teacher
E-mail: kecskemeti.laszlo.ur@gmail.com



 Recorder, Ancient Music

 Lőrincz László
Laszlo Lőrincz  
Associate Professor
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: loerincz53@gmail.com


Departmental Administrator

Kalmár Zoltán
Chief Secretary

Tel.: +36-62-544-854
Fax: +36-62-544-600
E-mail: kalmar.zoltan@music.u-szeged.hu


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