Voice Department

Voice 2

 Magánének Tanszék Magyar (Hungarian)

Head of Department

Dr. Mária Temesi 
Head of Department 
Tel.: +36-70/423-0008 
E-mail: temesimaria@gmail.com


Department Faculty

István Andrejcsik 
Artist Teacher 
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: andrejcsikis@freemail.hu


Mrs. Edit Dudásné Szécsi  
Artist Teacher 
E-mail: szecsi-edit@freemail.hu

Mónika González-Horváth  
Visiting Lecturer 
Tel.: +36-62-544-605


Chamber Singing, song literature:

Adrienne Csengery  
Visiting Lecturer 
(Chamber Singing, Operatic – Foreign Language)
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: csengeryadrienne@freemail.hu


Opera History, Theater History:

Dr. Ivánné Gyémánt  
Visiting Lecturer 

(opera history, theater history)
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: gyemant@physx.u-szeged.hu


Stage practice, speech technique:

Attila Toronykőy 
Visiting Lecturer 

(theatrical practice, articulation)
Tel.: +36-62-544-605
E-mail: Szattyor@freemail.hu


Carolyn Zhang Yu is a Chinese coloratura soprano opera singer living and performing in Hungary.  She graduated from Xi′an Conservatory of Music (Shaanxi, China) in 2003 and then completed her master’s degree studies at the Faculty of Music of the University of Szeged with excellent results where she also acquired good language skills in Hungarian. Read more…

Carolyn Zhang Yu  
Adjunct Faculty (vocal)


Departmental Administrator

Bettina Bagoly
Tel: (+36-62) 544-605
Fax: (+36-62) 544-600
E-mail: bagoly.bettina@music.u-szeged.hu 



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