Student Life

By gaining admittance to the Faculty of Music you will have become part of the family of The University of Szeged. The university is a 30,000 member community, “a town inside the city”. Beside the everyday instrumental practices, a number of programs and varied student’s life awaits in the next years of your life. The Student’s Government organizes a number of programs where you can meet students from other faculties, for example, at the joint camp for freshmen with the Faculty of Arts students. The students of the two faculties also have common sport’s day called “Szevasz-Tavasz”. 


Participating in sports events and festivals, attending balls and spending nights at parties in university clubs are all as much part of the legendary university life in Szeged as is attending classes and practicing. Also for Music Faculty students exclusive “Musician parties” are held at the University Theatre each month. The activities listed are all free of charge for students of the Faculty of Music. University club meetings, parties and performances, in the JATE – KLUB in particular, offer rich and pure entertainment to everybody. Szeged’s cultural life would be unimaginable without these events or the ones staged in student hostels. The most looked for event in the life at the Faculty of Music is the Musician’s Ball, usually held in October, where our students closed the ball season with a live music bash, following a live performance and an attractive smorgasbord dinner.


Chamber music groups established by the faculty’s students have regularly performed on the “Legyen a zene mindenkié!”, “Let music be for everyone” concert-series. Freshmen are welcome to play in the next fall season at the Milenneumi Café.


Being a sport-supporting institution, the University of Szeged offers such a wide variety of sports activities that the time spent studying at the university proves to be too short to try out all of them. To mention just some of the less common ones: every student has the opportunity to try parachuting, horse riding, skiing, yoga; all in addition to the university’s sports associations where competitions are held in a number of sports from fencing to basketball. Additionally, our foreign students not only come to know Szeged and its surroundings, but also have the chance to see Budapest and other sights of Hungary, as several tours are regularly organized: day trips to Budapest with sightseeing, visits to the Parliament, visits to the national park at Ópusztaszer and more.




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