Professor Zsolt Nagy

Professor Nagy Zsolt Head of Brass DepartmentProfessor Zsolt Nagy (Head of the Brass Department) began his Musical Studies in Mako Hungary, studying flute, tuba and piano at the Béla Bartók Music Primary School.  He continued his studies in 1975 at the István Tömörkény Arts High School in Szeged under trombone performer and teacher Stephen Simon’s direction.  In 1979 he was admitted to the Academy of Music brass , Dr. L. Ujfalusi class, where he graduated in 1984.

Professional Career

  • 1982 International Brass Chamber Music  Competition in Barcs, Hungary – Received 1st Prize as part of the Purcell Brass Quintet.
    • The Purcell Brass Quintet composed Tamás Velenczei, János Kirsch Miklós Meríts, János Orban, Zsolt Nagy, Art the Art Director: Frigyes Varasdy
    • Purcell Brass Quintet is made up of young musicians and organized by the National Philharmonic Orchestra. He wa apart of several national and international tours and several recordings were made with Hungarian Radio.
  • 1982 involved in the prestigious and competitive Markneukirchen International Instrumental Competition held in Germany, Mr. Nagy achieved 8th place and reached the semi-final round in the completion of 49 performers.  starters.
  • 1982 Applied for the Soros Foundation – Solti Prize, which was awarded after a personal interview with Sir George Solti. As a result he received the Chicago Symphony Orchestra scholarship awarded for furthering studies in America
  • Awarded to only three brass performers – (Zsolt Nagy, Tuba; Andrew Katszler, Horn and Thomas Velenczei, Trumpet) Supported by Arnold Jacobs, Dale Clenenger, Adolph Herseth
  • 1981 Music camps and courses in Bayreuth Germany

Regular performances with Hungarian National philharmonic (both as Soloist and Chamber Musician):

  • 1993 “Világjáró szegedi művészek” hangversenysorozat
  • 1993 Csemiczky Miklós szerzői est (Kecskemét)
  • 1995 Csemiczky Miklós szerzői est (Kecskemét)
  • 1998 Vanghan-Williams: Tubaverseny
    • Szeged Symphony Orchestra (Philharmonic concert)

Professional Career and positions:

  • 2000 Head of Brass Department University of Szeged – Faculty of music
  • 1998 college lecturer, University of Szeged – Faculty of music
  • 1993 college lecturer, University of Szeged – Faculty of music
  • 1989 college teaching assistant, University of Szeged 
  • 1984 – joined Faculty of University of Szeged Conservatory
  • 1985 – 1989 Lajtha László Music School (Szentes) – brass teacher
  • 1984 – Szeged Symphony Orchestra – Orchestra artist
  • 1984 – 1990 Tömörkény István Grammar School and Secondary School of Arts – Tuba teacher
  • 1982 – 1984 Hungarian State Opera Orchestra – Orchestra artist
  • 1982 – 1984 School of Music (Sarvar) – Tuba teacher

Pedagogical activities:

1985-89.  Laszlo Szentes between the two of his Lajtai School of Music students reach finals of national competitions and are admitted to Music High School.. (Since then, both graduated as teacher-artist, Tibor Takács tuba, trumpet majors Sáfrán Balint). Since 1988 his students regularly achieve high rankings in the national versenye¬ken, the students performed successfully continued in Music,  in the field of musical education. For example:

  • John Mazura Tuba with the Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra Teacher with the St. Stephen Music High School.
  • Tibor Takács MATÁV Symphony Orchestra tuba player and Leo Weiner Music High School teacher;
  • Zoltan Harasztia lecturer at the Széchenyi István University Institute of Music.

Professor Nagy Zsolt is regularly invited to the national brass competitions jury.

  • 1994 Bekes County mélyrézfúvós 1994 competition
    1995 National Competition mélyrézfúvós  in Kiskunfélegyháza.
    1997 National Competition mélyrézfúvós in Kiskunfélegyháza
    2000 National Competition mélyrézfúvós in Kiskunfélegyháza







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