Mária Szudi

maria SzudiMária Szudi was born on 3 October, 1958 in Szolnok, Hungary. Her devotion to music started at the age of seven when she was deeply inspired by her first music teacher, Rozgonyi Éva as well as her first piano teacher, Valkó Mihályné.  

Having completed her secondary school studies at Kodály Zoltán Technical School of Music in Debrecen, Ms. Szudi was accepted to the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music where she majored in choral conducting and secondary school music pedagogy where she was taught by István Zámbó, Melinda Kistétényi and Kamilló Lendvay. Besides the official lessons, she had the opportunity to visit György Kurtág’s and Ferenc Rados’s chamber music lessons and Albert Simon’s orchestra rehearsals. For seven years she was the member of Schola Hungarica led by Dobszai László and Szendrei Janka. She participated in a number of concerts and recording sessions alongside with the band. She served as a vocalist on seven of the Schola’s records. This experience made a significant contribution to her future professional career. In 1982 she graduated as a secondary music teacher and music theory teacher as well as a conductor at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest. In 1986 she also received a Piano Teacher’s Diploma at the Institute of Debrecen of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. She was tutored by Erzsébet Helyes, Mihály Duffek and Kálmán Irmai.

She started to work at the Music School of Monor in 1982 where she taught piano and solfeggio.

For 11 years Ms. Szudi was a teacher at Bartók Béla Technical School of Music in Békéscsaba where some of her students were prize winners at national solfeggio competitions and continued their studies at the Academy of Music. Several of her former students work as the present teachers of this secondary school. She was honoured with a Teacher’s Recognition Award during this time.

She was pursuing church music studies at the Department of Church Music at the Academy of Music.

She has been working as a senior lecturer and artist teacher at the Faculty of Music at the University of Szeged since 1996. She has tutored solfeggio, Renaissance style, but at present she is teaching music theory and folk music. In 2000 she formed SZTE ZMK Gregorian Choir. They have concertized on the Church Music days in Kolozsvár, Révkomárom,  Zenta and Piliscsaba. In addition to being regular performers during the event of Religious Music Days in Szeged, they provide a liturgical service.

Furthermore, Ms. Szudi was a visiting lecturer at the Department of Ethnography at the Faculty of Arts in Szeged as well as at the Theological College.

Her lecture at the first Music Theory Conference was published in a music pedagogical journal titled Parlando.

The lecture she gave at the Conference of Ethnographic Department was published in a book called Spiritual Movements in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition to her active teaching schedule at the university, she has been instructing piano at the Bartók Béla Music School of Szolnok for 20 years.

Apart from her musical professional achievements, she passed an intermediate-level German language exam in 2013 and an elementary-level English language exam in 2015.


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