Jozsef Csikota

Jozsef Csikota Bio photoJozsef Csikota, conductor was born in 1963 in Makó, Hungary.

Studies include:

  • Academy of Music of Szeged – trombone teacher
  • Academy of Music of Budapest – conductor of wind band with degree summa cum laude
  • Franz Liszt Academy of Music of Budapest – conductor
  • Moscow State University of Culture and Arts – doctor of music pedagogical sciences 2011


Educational activity:

1982-1994 taught at the Szentes and Mako Music School as both as music teacher and conductor.  In 1994, Mr. Csikota founded The Private Music and Arts School and Musical Vocational Secondary School of Mako as a director and conductor. In 1998, he joined the faculty at the University of Szeged, School of Music of the University as a conductor and in 2010 became senior lecturer.

Professional works:

In 1996 Jozsef Csikota founded the Mako Symphonic Band and continued with the Concert Band of the University of Szeged- Faculty of Music of University of Szeged since.  In 1997 he conducted “Requiem” by Frigyes Hidas in a concert in Dom of Szeged with Budapest Choir, 4 famous singers and the Makó Symphonic Band. In 1997 conducted he on CD-recording, which was the world premiere of works of 5 contemporary composers in Uster, Switzerland, at the invitation of Felix Hausirth (WASBE* President).

Additionally, Mr. Csikota’s professional works include:

  • Regular Radio-recordings since 1999 each year (Budapest).
  • Judging regularly in wind music competitions  both in Hungary and abroad.
  • Guest conducting in Hungary and in Israel (1999),
  • and guest conducting in the United States:
    • 2004 – Buffalo State College
    • 2005 – Depaul University, Chicago
    • 2008 – San Francisco
  • He has been a guest conductor in Moscow every year going back 8 years beginning in 2008
  • He has organizing numerous conductor-courses, and symposiums for band-conductors.
  •  Has consistently taken an active role as lecturer participant and as participant in International Conferences.
  • Conducted the Concert Band of Szeged at the Mid Europe Conference in Schladming, Austria (2002).
  • Held symposium at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago in 2004 entitled “KODÁLY METHOD AND ITS INFLUENCE ON TEACHING WIND INSTRUMENTS IN HUNGARY”
  • Since 2008 in Moscow involved as lecturer of All Russia seminar for wind conductors.

Professional appreciations:

  • In 1996 2nd International Wind Music Festival of the Lake Balaton (Hungary) – 1st Prize and awarded “The most prominent performance presenting conductor” Prize
  • In 1997 International Wind Band Festival of Valencia (Spain) – 2nd Prize
  • In 2001 and 2002 49th and 50th European Youth Music Festival of Neerpelt (Belgium) – cum laude 1st Prize
  • Acknowledged by  Mako City Council with their Prize for Public Service and for Education of Mako.
  • From County Council of Csongrad – awarded Individual Maker Prize.
  • In 2007 55th European Youth Music Festival of Neerpelt (Belgium) – in stressed category 1st Prize.
  • In 2007 Intermusica International Solo Contest – received “The most prominent performance presenting concert band”  Prize
  • In 2008 Certamen Internacional de Bandas de Musica – Ciudad de Valencia – in honour category – 3rd Prize
  • In 2009 2nd Moscow Cup Competition for Wind Orchestras and Festival, 9 th Wind Orchestra Festival of Istra – Emphasized 1st Prize – Moscow Cup
  • He was awarded ARTISJUS Prize For his contributions to Hungarian contemporary music by the Hungarian Composers Union in 2010, 2012.

Public activity

Chairman of the Hungarian and East-Central European Association of the Bands and Ensembles WASBE*-Affiliate.  He also is a Member of the Chairmanship of the Hungarian Wind Association and member of board of the Hungarian Music and Arts School Association as a county chairman.  Mr.Csikota is also a Member of Board of Directors and Arts Planning Committee of World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles(WASBE*)


Since 1948 until now wind music life of Mako Instrumentations and orchestrations. Proofreading for EMB (Edition Musica Budapest) and a number of dissertations, professional articles to international professional magazines.

* WASBE, World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles. 


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