Erika Sara – Classical Guitar Methodology Courses

The ZMK Department of Performing Arts and Contemporary Music College announces a series of courses on the methodology of teaching classical guitar theme among members of this college, students of the Faculty of guitars, guitar teachers and other instrumentalists for.sara_erika_250x250

The course instructor series of Pécs Apáczai Education Center School of Arts and Artisjus Bona Bonis winning guitar teacher, who is one of Hungary’s most successful guitar teacher in music school, music concerts podium since his students for decades.His professional experience presents for those interested in many film and is capable of illustrations, examples, interactive exchange of experiences in a form suitable within the framework of three workshops.

THE ARTIST brief curriculum vitae
of the Pécs ANK Art School as a teacher teaching guitar for over 30 years. My students music competitions podium for decades. My Life is less spectacular and documents represented the greatest success just think that a department built and will build steadily, with the students for many years and are delighted to music school. There are four further suffix of my students, the dropout minimal. Two guitar band leader. The band Raisins 2-3 years, the Sarabande guitar band playing guitars and 6-10 years in various capacities and motivated my students playing together, learning from a high level of cooperation, listening to each other, adaptation, while they enjoy the great music sounded rich material. I think it is important to ensure the supply of talent is also a part of the track management, on the other hand would-be colleagues mentoring. In addition to my work in the UP School of Music guitar teaching experiences of students through it. Teaching methodology, repertoire knowledge and leading practices of teaching stúdiumaikat. At the request of the university in 2015 I wrote instrumental pedagogy and teaching methodology note.

My goal is to create a special music workshop, in which each pupil can find the high level of emotional and intellectual experience that music can offer.

February 13, 20, 27, 2016 – Saturday 10: 00 – 15:00 – Department of ZMK 6722 Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 79-81.

Individual courses can be booked separately.


The initial steps of instrumental tuition
Motivation, playing ballroom
music school repertoire and processing problems in the stage play
The participation of students in the Department of ZMK free, which means HUF 1,000 / occasion. (payable on site)
Registration for the in the form of an e-mail address.


Saturday 13 February 2016. 10: 00-15: 00
Theme: Getting started teaching guitar in the music school
Structure: Lecture – professional exchange of ideas, reflections – Joint workshops.
The first guitar lesson with some exaggeration of the whole “master and apprentice shared vision” of compressed mapping. The teacher’s kindness, anxiolytic ability, friendly, open, inclusive behavior establishes an intimate, trusting the quality of the teacher-student relationship. In the first hours of “professional” events of predicting the students in the other classes intellectual and emotional content. When the teacher gives the guitar into the hands of children and dissolved, loose instrument maintenance show him and teach you, gives you a taste of munkamódszereiből: how thorough, attentive, problem-sharing, problem-solving, varied, exciting, interesting, creative, playful, witty.
Notation used: Puskas: Guitar School

10: 00-12: 00
initial step in instrumental education problems on the following topics touched:
the music school guitar teaching an ambitious, long-term goals of
the fall of the points section uses
the beginnings
of the “Z generation” students and their parents
the most important pedagogical principles,
the most important musical and technical principles
instrument playing and theory of relationship

13: 00-15: 00
Focus on the loose, airy instrumentation design methods, learning to play protocol, the initial repertoire and possible methods of processing, developing a successful practice model. Try out musical instruments in the hand of the first events of hours, we analyze the nature of the problems usually arise, the causes and find solutions to them.


Saturday 20th February 2016. 10: 00-15: 00
Theme: Motivation and ballroom music
Structure: Lecture – professional exchange of ideas, reflections – Joint workshop.

Educational research shows that not talking about one of the most important teaching tool, but also the more important ones. To put it sharply to the point where we can not raise pupil’s curiosity and keep you awake and keyboards in music, if we can not inspire them, we can not get to the instrumental methodological issues. It will not be pretty smooth tremolo kit to teach, or a tasteful appogiaturára. We must create a musical workshop where the children are very happy for 8-10 years. We have to get to the events happened hours of natural and obvious consequence should be the home for hours practicing and non-musical play. This impetus through strong internal motivation is to be spent together over the years to become, which makes them a daily necessity for life to music and the arts in general.
The scores used in the training provided.

10: 00-12: 00
Word is, inter alia, inclusive, open and inspiring environment, teacher-student relationship, the intense, detailed, common analytical work, autonomy, about the game, humor, reward, protocol processing of the pieces on the board playing music, concerts, courses, competitions, festivals, community formálásról.

13: 00-15: 00
Focus on corporate diverse forms of music, such as teacher-student and student-student chamber and orchestral workshop secrets.


Saturday 27 February 2016. 10: 00-15: 00
Theme: What and how? School music repertoire and processing problems in a stage play.
Structure: Presentation – professional exchange of ideas, reflections – Joint workshop.

A common problem in the school music teaching guitar repertoire inappropriate use of the daily praxis. Publishing provides us with a multitude of abundance, but there is some perplexity among colleagues. What music use, what criteria to choose a range of how, along what principles the students to build up a repertoire, what methods work up the selected musical material?
Another common question regarding the difficulties of the stage play. We are not the same. Pupil is treated with a special stress situations in different ways. We can do this, so that the source of the stage play experience and success to be a pupil? How can we avoid the failed attempts appearances, cramping which is embedded in a lifetime?
Used scores: Mosóczi-, Szendrey-school guitar and other music schools to use scores.Everyone brings what you like or want to use it.

10: 00-12: 00
The rapporteur will argue for a variety of musical instruments and sound knowledge gradually building valuable classical repertoire. Aspects outlines, which can be selected based on the most demanding and most appropriate publications for a pupil.The repertoire of the most important principles required for settlement of the musical material can help in the selection of sequencing. It is certain that the most important criteria for the processing of pieces of gradation, accuracy, artistic pieces – intellectually and high-quality decoding and intensive, detailed, analytical hours or work from home. Word is the musical experiences and successful experiences, creativity, hearing and inner ear development, memorization methods, the music of technical elements, finger order, the terminology, the polifóniáról, nails game, mediated by the music emotions.
In the second part of the presentation of the stage play problems and it comes solutions.

13: 00-15: 00
Focus on school music repertoire, the pieces and the development of methods of deciphering, skills development and finally the stage play workshop secrets.