Dr. Márta S. Dobos DLA

Dr. S. Dobos Márta Verona DLADr. Márta S. Dobos DLA received her Doctorate from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest and is now a college professor in Violin at the University of Szeged – Faculty of  Music in the String Department. Although Violin  is her principal focus she also teaches instrument methodology, specific methodology and chamber music.


  • 2011 : DLA degree, Franz Liszt Academy of Music Graduate School , Budapest.

    • Dissertation title: ” The awareness and naturalness harmony Dezső Rados violin pedagogy
  • 1977-1980 Liszt Ferenc Music Academy , Budapest ( now known as Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music )
    • Principle teachers : Ferenc Halász , György Kurtág , Szucs Lorand , Melinda Kistétényi, Ádám Medveczky .
  • 1976-1977 Franz Liszt Music Academy of Music Teacher Education Division of the Institute of Debrecen
    • Principle teachers : Ferenc Kertész , Tamás Kedves, István Ruha.
  • 1974-1976 Franz Liszt Music Academy of Music Teacher Education Division of the Institute of Szeged
    • Principle teachers : Kedvesné Meggyes Teréz , Richard Weninger , István Vántus

Teaching Experience

  • 2004, University of Szeged, István Vántus Music
    • High School violin teacher
  • 2003 – present, Faculty of Music University of Szeged, college professor
  • 1997: “The core subjects musician qualification program” lector
  • 1990-2003: Franz Liszt Conservatory of Music College of Szeged
    • Asociate Professor from 1995
  • 1986 college lecturer
  • 1983-1986: assistant professor at István Ruha
  • 1980-1990 Franz Liszt Academy of Music Teacher Education Division of the Institute of Debrecen
  • 1985-1990: Head of the string faculty
  • 1980-1990: Zoltán Kodály Music School, Debrecen

Since 1980 – in order to ensure the supply violinist students – a number of music schools maintain a steady, intense professional relationship. (e.g, Szeged, Debrecen, Hódmezővásárhely, Orosháza, Baja, Békés, Békéscsaba). Since 1983, Students of Dr. Dobos  have won numerous awards in local, national and internationally organized Violin Concerto competitions including:

  • Zagreb and Etude Event Scale,
  • Euro Timisoara Regional Fiddle Contest,
  • János Koncz National Violin Competition,
  • National Zathureczky Ede Violin Concerto, Violin Concerto Conservatory

Dr. Márta Verona S. Dobos  regularly is on jury panels in international, national, regional and county Violin Concerto competitions . She is also actively involved several courses of violin music camps both within Hungary and abroad. during the years1990-2001: she held the title of Weiner Chamber head voice, concertmaster.

Major concert and performances:

  • 2013  Chamber Concerto , Györg Klebniczki and Zoltan Peter, clarinet and piano collaboration . Szeged, Ferenc Fricsay Concert Hall ( Khachaturian , Goedicke , Stravinsky ‘s works )
  • 2012 ” Romantic Sonata Concert evening” with György Klebniczki piano part of the VIII . Szeged Jewish Culture Festival / Glinka , Grieg , Schubert, Dvorak works
  • 2011 DLA Diploma Concert, Budapest
  • 2002 Chamber concert in the Konservatorium of Osnabruck (Germany) with piano Ferenc Kerek ( Telemann, Bartok and Englund ‘s works )
  • 1997 Kecskemét Spring Festival Messiaen : ” Quator pour la fin du temps ” János Maczák clarinet, Katalin Sin cello and Ferenc Kerek piano
  • 1995 Bartok : 44 violins with Gabriella Márffy / Szeged, Baja , Hódmezővásárhely
  • 1993 concerts in Spain , the Parlante Musica Chamber Orchestra / Vivaldi, Tartini ‘s works /
  • 1990-2001 several European countries with the Weiner Chamber Orchestra concerts , frequently in Switzerland , Spain, France, Finland, Denmark , Italy.
  • 1988 Finnish Chamber music / Kokkola , Oulu , Vaasa , Forssa / Bartók , Kodály , Englund works

**A more detailed list of S. Dobos Márta concerts see sdobosmarta.netau.net website


  • S. Dobos M.: “The awareness and naturalness, harmony Desző Redos Violin method” DLA doctoral thesis in music education journals Parlando 1/2012.


The Weiner Chamber Orchestra concertmaster of the following audio recordings:

  • 1998 Leo WEINER: Piano concerto Op. 15, Romance Op. 29, Divertimento Op. 20, Op. 24
    • MARCAL Classics MA981101
  • 1998 Arthur HONEGGER: II. szimfónia, DOHNÁNYI Ernő: A-dúr szerenád, Wojciech
    • KILAR: Orawa  VTCD WO 9802
  • 1999 Nicolo PAGANINI: 24 Caprice (Hidas Frigyes hangszerelése) Ruggiero RICCI (live) 80th birthday concert
    • DYNAMIC CDS 244 (világpremier)
  • 2000 W.A.MOZART: Pianos Concertos No13, K415, No 23,
    • K488 MARCAL Classics   MA001101
  • 2001 Ernő DOHNÁNYI: Piano Quintet Op. 1 Concerto Version, Ruralia Hungarica
    • MARCAL Classics MA011001

Social responsibility:

  • 2005 – Member of Liszt Society 2006 Member of Vántus István Society
  • 2007 Member of Hubay Society

Awards and Honors:

  • 2008 ARTISJUS prize
  • 2007 Halász Ferenc prize
  • 1992 Teacher Preparation Special Award, János Koncz National Violin Competition
  • 1991 Rector’s award
  • 1986 Ministerial Praise



e-mail: s.dobosmarta@gmail.com


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