City of Szeged & Hungary

city of SunshineSzeged is situated near the southern border of Hungary, on the banks of the River Tisza. Szeged Today is truly a modern European city steeped in history, as well as a centre of Learning, Culture, the Arts and Research and the fourth largest city in Hungary. Szeged is often called the City of Sunshine, because it enjoys an average of 2,000 hours of sunshine annually.

The city is characterized by the excellence of its cultural institutions. It has a museum of history, art galleries, movie theatres, large parks, a famous botanic garden, dance clubs, discos, and a theatre. During the summer, open-air festivals are held which attract visitors from all over Europe.

The main sights of Szeged are–which is one of the largest and most attractive squares of Central Europe, where you can find the City Hall as well-, Kárász Street, the main pedestrian thoroughfare of Szeged, and Klauzál Square which crosses Kárász Street. Moreover, Dugonics Square is an outstanding attraction, where a number of cultural events take place throughout the year, and the Rector’s Office of the University of Szeged is situated there as well. A few minutes’ walk from Dugonics Square you can find the Arad Martyrs’ Square and Heroes’ Gate which commemorates the soldiers who died in World War I. When you are in Szeged it is worth visiting the REÖK Palace and the New Synagogue which was built in Neo classical style. 



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