Harp competition in REÖK Palace

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Around sixty contestants from 25 countries will take part in the Szeged International Harp Competition, which will be held from 27 November to 1 December 2019 in the Reök Palace in Szeged.

The triennial competition gives young talent the opportunity to showcase and match their knowledge in front of an internationally recognized jury. Chamber members, soloists, and educators are among the jury members. The artistic directors of the competition are Harpist Anastasia Razvaljaevaeva, teacher of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and her mother Natalia Gorbunova, harpist of the Szeged Symphony Orchestra and harpsichord teacher at the Péter Király-König Music School. Launched in 2007, the initiative is now attracting riders from Japan, Russia, and several European countries.

Harpists are rated in three age groups: children under 14 and young people under 19 and 25. At the press conference announcing the competition, Villő Kollár, the youngest competitor, gave a mini-concert and presented his three pieces to the audience. Anastasia Razvalyaeva said that not only did the racers gain professional experience, but they also developed friendly and professional relationships that transcended the country. The international promotion of Hungarian culture led to the idea that the mandatory pieces should be made by Hungarian composers. This year the works of Béla Bartók, Ferenc Liszt and Rudolf Maros will be performed.

This Harp, which is gaining popularity, is a spectacular experience not only for the player but also for the audience. The instrument gives the player a natural elegance, said Dr. Ferenc Kerek, Liszt Prize-winning pianist, and one of the patrons of the competition at the University of Szeged.

The main patron of the competition is Dr. László Rovó, Rector of the University of Szeged, and the patrons will be Jakez Francois, CEO of the French harp company Camac, composer Péter Tóth, Deputy Dean of the Béla Bartók Faculty of Arts, and Ádám Bősze, a music antiquarian, presenter of Bartók Radio.

SZTE Info: Csilla Higi


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