Latest HVG ranking: SZTE is the best university in the country

By   /  November 24, 2019  /  No Comments

The best university in the country is the University of Szeged according to the latest HVG rankings. The University of Szeged ranks high in both institutional and educational rankings.

The University of Szeged excels in the higher education rank of HVG. Similarly to last year, SZTE ranked second in the complex institutional ranking. In this list, only ELTE is ahead of Szeged, which means that the University of Szeged is the best in the ranking of rural universities. This year’s ranking also consists of student and teacher sub-rankings: SZTE ranks 2nd in terms of teaching excellence and 5th in terms of student excellence.

The authors of HVG’s higher education rankings have taken many aspects into consideration when ranking institutions: number of first-time applicants, average score, number of students enrolled in a competition, number and proportion of academics with one academic degree and the proportion of lecturers with an MTA title.



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