Fabulous concert at the University of Szeged

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A series of concerts entitled “Beyond the Tale” began in Békéscsaba, Budapest and Szeged. Martin Szives and Bence Samodai playing music, Klára Haramza. The concert will be hosted by the Béla Bartók Art Faculty of the University of Szeged, in the Fricsay Concert Hall on October 8, 2019.

Contemporary pieces performed by Márton Szives and Bence Samodai make fictional, fairy-tale stories understandable and enjoyable for the audience. The tale and trumpet music associated with the tale takes us to a world where the princess is the dragon and the prince fights with his own demons instead of heroic battles. The story, with its humor, gives a comical picture of human existence and its everyday problems. The traditional fairytale prince and princess roles are jokingly realized by a story that shows the true relationship between man and woman.

The narrator, Klara Haramza, tells the stage, and at the end of the episode, musicals illustrate what she heard. During the strange-sounding pieces, the audience is free to imagine the favorite details of the story. Concerts are so informal that the audience usually laughs together or is surprised at each other. Together with a quality musical performance, it is a fairy tale that helps you understand the character of contemporary music and makes it enjoyable. To make the concert an experience, all you need is imagination, both small and large.


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