More than 1150 first-year foreign students at the University of Szeged

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Based on the enrollment and enrollment statistics for the 2019-2020 academic year, more than 1,150 new foreign students are expected to start their studies at the University of Szeged. Students from various scholarships and paid training were welcomed at the KIC on 30 August.

After completing the admission procedure for foreign students, approximately 7,700 first-year students will begin their studies at the University of Szeged. The majority of the foreign students enrolled in the SZTE reimbursement programs, but a large number of students also received various scholarship programs. The number of non-health education enrollments has increased compared to last year, thanks to the introduction of the electronic application interface, Dream Apply, and the extension of the SZTE START scholarship program to foreign students.

With the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship (SH), 208 students are expected to attend the University of Szeged, the most popular being the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Science and Informatics. The former expect 61 students and the latter 53 students. Thanks to the scholarship program, 47 students can start their studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and 19 students at the Faculty of Law. 10 scholarships were applied for the faculties of the Faculty of Agriculture. Most come from Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Turkey, but they also receive students from Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, Ghana, Colombia, Mexico and Macedonia. In addition, 9 students from Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria are coming to the MGK, BTK, GTK and GCT programs through the Christian Youth Scholarship Program.

More than 570 foreign students were admitted to the University of Szeged for reimbursement training. Most of them, about 480, enroll in English or German courses at the Faculty of Medicine. In addition to health education, the courses of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are also popular among paid students.

In 2019/2020. In the first semester of the academic year 2009, 221 foreign students will start their studies with the support of ERASMUS + and the Makovecz Program. The ERASMUS program will be attended by 218 students from the University of Szeged, enrolled in 95 faculties from 83 universities in 83 cities in 16 countries. In addition to the humanities and economics, medical and legal courses are also popular.

The first group of first-year foreign students was welcomed by Dr. Tamás Bene, Director of International and Public Relations, University of Szeged. – They were chosen well when they were nominated for the University of Szeged for further study abroad. The University of Szeged awaits students with a true multicultural environment, as 18% of the 21,000 university students are foreign. More than 3,700 students from 114 countries came to the University of Szeged, he said. He added that SZTE, a top 2 percent of the best universities in the world, has been awarded a grant by the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) in a consortium of Paris-Saclay University, Lund University, Porto University and Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich. The cooperation supported by the Erasmus + program of the European Universities will create an opportunity within the European Union to create a new university structure, mobility of students, doctoral students, staff and researchers, and to develop a common curriculum or modules. The theme of the program is Global Health, which is open to all faculties of the University of Szeged along the health value chain, both in education and in new research programs to be launched with partner universities.

First-year foreign students presented the SZTE START scholarships at a welcome event. Nine students won the € 500 grant for integration and university studies. At the orientation event, the students got to know their mentors, were informed about student services, and were also informed about neural issues. The service units of SZTE – Alma Mater of SZTE, Career Office of SZTE, Institute of Foreign Language Communication, Confucius Institute of SZTE, Francophone University Center, American Corner, Lifestyle Advisory Center and Klebelsberg Library of SZTE – attended the event.



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