You can apply again for ÚNKP scholarships

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In five categories, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology announced scholarships for the New National Excellence Program. All university students can submit a research plan for applications from high school graduates to doctoral students. Deadline for application is 6 June 2019.

The New National Excellence Program was launched in 2016. Each year, scholarship applications are published on several topics. At the various stages of the research career, the NHRP, with international support in the field of research and innovation, promotes the attractiveness of the next generation of researchers, the artistic career, and the development of the research and creative activities of researchers and artists already in the field. The NHRDP supports students, doctoral candidates and young educators and researchers who are undergoing basic, master or doctoral training who are successful in research and creative activities at the higher education institution participating in the program.

Ministry of Innovation and Technology 2019/2020. announced 5 categories in the school year round:

  • “With talent up!” Research Scholarship Starting Higher Education; for young people who have successfully completed their secondary education, apply for a basic or undivided training;
  • Higher Education Basic Education Student Research Scholarship, which can be applied for undergraduate students and researchers;
  • Master’s Degree in Higher Education Student Research Scholarship, for which talented young people undergoing master’s and undivided training may apply;
  • Doctoral Student in Higher Education, Doctoral Candidate Scholarship Scholarship, for which students and doctoral candidates of PhD students with outstanding scientific and artistic results are expected; and the
  • Bolyai + Higher Education Young Instructors, Researcher Scholarship, which can be applied for by teachers and researchers receiving the Bolyai János Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

When submitting the application, the research plan should indicate the research topic, the purpose of the research, the general problem-solving of the research topic and the personal motivation of the choice of topic.

The application must be submitted to the SZTE only in Modulo by uploading the tender documentation. Deadline for application: 6 June 2019, midnight – basic, master / undivided, doctoral student and doctoral candidate and Bolyai + category; June 20, 2019 – with the “Talent Up!”

More information is available here.


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