SZTE Talent Excellence List Award Ceremony

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On May 9, 2019, the SZTE Talent award ceremony was held, where several of our students attended the award winners.

The List of Excellence is a glory. This year, awards were awarded in three categories: art, athlete and graduate. Students are awarded three grades based on their achievements: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The following students of the Faculty of Music received recognition:

Gradual Category:

Mária Gábor Szives (Gold degree)

Sara Iván (bronze grade)

Júlia Bogáthy (bronze grade)

Bence János Samodai (bronze grade)

Artist Category:

Mária Gábor Szives (Gold degree)

Bence János Samodai (silver grade)

Júlia Bogáthy (bronze grade)

Marcell Nickmann (bronze grade)

Sara Iván (Artist of the Year)

We would like to congratulate all students and wish you further successful studies and nice results!


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