Re-Innovation Week at the University of Szeged

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This year, the Research and Development and Innovation Directorate of the SZTE is organizing the Innovation Week, which has become a tradition. Between 28 and 31 May, enthusiastic, hungry students, researchers and entrepreneurs are invited to entertain interesting workshops and workshops.

The four-day event takes place in the spirit of innovation and business communication; programs include scientific presentations and practical workshops. Invited professionals highlight issues and challenges facing researchers and businesses involved in innovation processes.

The purpose of the Innovation Week is to organize professional programs that strengthen and expand the cooperation and industrial relations of the innovation ecosystem of the SZTE, and ensure that the results of the research are widely disseminated.

At the event, university leaders and the largest R&D experts in Hungary talk about the importance of innovation, its drivers and its relation to the local economy. Those interested can attend a business communication workshop on May 28, where they can learn about the practical application of PR from Balázs Szelei, Head of Communications at NKFIH. On May 29th, an innovation management training will be held for the business and business partners of the region with the participation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Csongrád County. On the Innovation Day, May 30, the focus of the innovation ecosystem in Hungary is on the SZTE Virtus Enterprise Catalyst Program and the Science Park Szeged.

Participants in the programs will learn about the practical side and application of the university curriculum. Entrepreneurs can find useful tips to gain a serious competitive edge. Those who only have some innovative ideas can present their plans to investors or find their business partners.

On May 30, the SZTE Innovation Awards will be awarded in the following categories:

a) the most innovative TDK work,

b) the most innovative PhD work

c) the most innovative research in science and life sciences;

d) the most innovative research in the field of humanities and social sciences.

Participation in programs is subject to registration. Click here to see the detailed program and register The Facebook event is available here   


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