Consider a gift to Support the School of Music

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Support the University of Szeged

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Szeged Conservatory Foundation

Tax number: 18454002-1-06

Thank you for your support!

The law allows private individuals to have a certain portion of their income tax, so a small portion of their tax will go to the civil organization they have designated. If you do not have one, this part of your tax will remain in the state budget. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to support the foundation of the Faculty of Music of the University of Szeged with a personal income tax deduction of 1% or by persuading your relatives and acquaintances , do not miss this year either! This way, you can contribute to the foundation of the foundation associated with the SZTE ZMK to fulfill its tasks and achieve its goals!

How to get 1%?

1% of the personal income tax is offered on the NAV website, downloadable and completed.

The following information must be given on the declaration of 1 percent of the tax return: the name of the organization, the tax number of the organization.


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