Blood was donated by the Faculty of Music

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Prof. Dr. Péter Tóth, the dean of the faculty giving blood

The first blood donation of the SZTE ZMK was launched with the motto “Musicians for Health”, where the first blood donor was Prof. Dr. Péter Tóth, the dean of the faculty. He said that it was important for him to give blood because he could save lives.

“We don’t know when we need the blood we give, but in old age it becomes more and more important that if we need it, we can get blood, but we have to donate it first. We know how important blood donation is, but many times we are just looking for excuse, rather than going to give blood. It is very important for me to show our students a good example and to raise them to be responsible young people (who are already at the age of 18)  to their fellow human beings and give blood. This is the first blood donation at the faculty, but it is definitely our goal to create an ongoing tradition, he said.

– The aim of the action is to show the “outsiders” that not only music, art, but in this case to give blood is a noble and uplifting thing, so we ask all our students not only to perform on stage, but also in this case with their colleagues working together, and if you can, more people will give blood,” the dean added.

Any healthy adult with a body weight of at least 50 kg and between 18 and 65 years of age may donate blood. Every year, 400,000 units of blood are needed for safe domestic blood supply, which is provided free of charge by nearly 270,000 volunteer blood donors. Certain diseases can only be cured with blood, and blood can only be replaced by blood donation, so it is very important that more people give blood. Safe care requires 1600-1800 blood donors a day. Men can give blood up to 5 times an women up to 4 times a year.


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