‘Adopt a chair’ continues for Spring Semester 2017-2018.

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Adopt a chairWith the 2017-2018 year, we celebrate and announce the second year or our “Adopt-a-chair” initiative.  In its first year , the program was a resounding success in support for the institution. 

The initiative gives an opportunity to “adopt” a Fricsay concert hall chairs which includes a name plaque of donor.  The purpose of this fund is to help support the Faculty of Music in all its endeavours in the coming year 

Previous adopters:

Dr. Beke Ferenc Attila

Dr. Görög Márta

Dr. Hodúr Cecilia

Dr. Kerek Ferenc

Dr. Keszthelyi-Szabó Gábor

Dr. Martinek Tamás

Lukácsházi Győző

Prof. Dr. Nagy Katalin

Elizabeth Pitcairn

Rácz Polla Metta

Strategic Solutions Kft.

Dr. Schindler Árpád

Dr. Schindlerné Harkai Anita

Dr. Szajbély Mihály

Száz Krisztina

Szecsődi Eszter

Szecsődi Ferenc

Szokody Anikó

Dr. Tóth Péter


 Their support is gratefully acknowledged!


Each “adopted” chair includes the following:

  • The person’s name is added to the adoptive chair
  •  In coordination with the Department of Alma Mater Classic concert series – Includes free tickets to  next season of four concerts
  • Once a year, you can select  from the previously published list, a work that the Faculty artists performs in the concert series
  • The person or company receives a “Certificate of Appreciation” as evidence of their gift to the Faculty.


 If requested, we will forward the Adopter the Faculty current events to your attention.

Adoption brochure HERE click to download.

The adoption fee for one year: 25,000 Ft.


 The Faculty of Music uses the funds in support of artistic activity to the Faculty.


If you would like to support the Faculty of Music concert hall in a chair by adopting, please list the amount in the following account number please:


Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Főiskola Szegedi Konzervatóriuma Alapítványa

Account number: 57400217-10117688-00000000 Számlaszám: 57400217-10117688-00000000

(Fontana Savings Credit) (Fontana Credit Takarékszövetkezet)


When reference is made to the publications section please indicate the following: “Adoption” and the adoptive name.


Any questions relating to adoption, please contact Szekfűné Lőrincz Zsuzsanna gazdasági referenshez (Tel: 62/544-399; e-mail: szekfune.zsuzsa@music.u-szeged.hu )



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