International Béla Bartók Piano Competition Results:

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University of Szeged Faculty of Music


The VII. International Béla Bartók Piano Competition Results:


  1. the jury did not issue a first prize
  2. Second Prize: Mihailescu Dinu Alexandru
  3. Boros Tekla és Tanaka Kendzsi


Special awards:

  • Prize for the outstanding performance of the Liszt: Spanish Rhapsody – Round Ferenc Piano Artist’s Offer – Norbert Binder won
  • Zsolt Medgyesi’s offer of money offered by Dr. Magyarosy József
  • Best Chamber Music Prize – Makó’s Private Elementary Art Offering the School and Music Vocational School – Andrea Csőke was judged by the jury
  • Bartók: Best Microcosm Prize – Pro Talentis Universitatis Foundation’s Award – Martin Bogdan won
  • The Prize for the Best Performance of Bartók: For Children – Pro Offering the Musica Primary School of Art – was won by Csilla Rónai 
  • The Péter Király-König Music School is awarded by Tanaka Kendzsi and Martin Bogdan
  • The prize for the youngest mid-finalist – István Vántus SZTE Offering the Apprentice Grammar School – Martin Bogdán
  • The Prize for the Best Performance of the Chopin Works – the Ferenczy György Foundation – was awarded to Martin Bogdán 


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