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Dr. Zoltán Zsigmond Head of Piano Department, and Dr. Zsigmond dr. Eva Pap college professor held in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia Academy of Arts University of piano master classes 20 talented students of Chinese Piano evening was highly successful solo and duet also has been during the 10-day visit.

The Department of Music Faculty in recent years has successfully increased the number of students from the Faculty student People’s Republic of China, which was associated with the development of Chinese music art academic relations.  As a result, Dr. Zoltán Zsigmond Head of Department and  Dr. Eva Pap were invited to hold the Hohhot Inner Mongolia Academy of Arts school piano master class. Under the highly successful evening piano master class for four hands and were also students of the university and the city’s art-loving citizens from standing audience.  The Department of ZMK teachers spent 10 days in the provincial capital Hohhot between 16 and 25 July 2016. He scored tapasztalatikról, asked them about their experiences.


How  was the relationship between Szeged and Chinese institutions formed?

A local college professor colleague, Surina, Szeged studied in the Department of the Faculty of Music Piano Department and developed the relationship. We tried to help with the integration of professional medium for the unusual and the everyday problems we were next to him.. Having returned home, we maintained good relations established with the Internet. Excellent taught in English, so it was a great interpreter of professional courses.

 What is the perception of the Chinese classical instrumental training?  What are the different features from our country?

Music is a universal language proverbial. The courses dealt with a total of about 20 of his students, all of whom were well-prepared, careful teacher felt them.

The skills were varied, but the majority are very intelligent and 6 students were exceptional. It was surprising in the interest of openness and respect for the way the teaching of the course and received numerous concerts and audience. We were in front of nearly 1,500 candidates. The views rather than itthonitól sensed only the baroque and classical Viennese style interpretálásánál, those we are a little more stringent.

Many people learn to play the piano, much of the popularity of this instrument. In front of us a few weeks Lang Lang, the world-famous pianist featured the same stage.  The huge reputation. The role of our venue for the Performing Art Center College excellent acoustics of the hall, a huge leterheltséggel, and they have recently bought a brand new Steinway concert piano. The piano teaching their strong impact on the Russian school, teachers have learned there are many people, the curriculum is very difficult in many Russian piano pieces are used. Of course, the classic and modern works of Chinese authors also included, but very well-known and played works by Liszt.


What do they think of Chinese students performer readiness?  How they could implement the instructions given during the master class?

 Incredible discoveries of their ability, which are close to European music.  Infinitely pure and natural in the music world. Of course, in those plants where the music typical European “agony,” “self-torture” or very specific associative background suppose, it’s afraid I was not always clear to them. This obviously is a different outlook on life and cultural background to the cause. The traditional romantic and modern music is extremely close to them, I felt like always very “passed through” to the message.

Along the way, what was the most striking, funniest experience?

During the course, the audience waited for the presentation phones robes accompanied instrukcióimat and – as I learned later – filled up with local community website within minutes of video. It was fun, but a little scary too. Another special experience to this part of China seemed to be people of European descent in very rare. Real sensation was the appearance of a mall restaurant. Unimaginable amounts of photographs of us, the children ran after us, shouting, if we had wanted to, it could not have been seamlessly blend in with the crowd. They were very nice, and our patience wore the “wonderments.”

Talk about their little about Hohhot, Inner Mongolia pezsgéséről metropolis, unique gastronomy traditions of the particularities of everyday life.

Hohhot Inner Mongolia’s capital city of approximately 3 million. Hungary is about one and a half flights of the day. There is not too large compared with the size, but with a significant track record and apparently dynamic regional center. At an altitude of over 1000 meters, the high-altitude location is situated in the north of Mongolia, Siberia and the special climate creates. Fortunately, a short and pleasant summer, we could go for this visit, the plot is quite grim there.

Our hosts kindness and care surpassed all our expectations. pihenhettünk excellent conditions, we may be made of a dense program tasks. A kind of gastronomic tours can understand them our way, since nearly 60 kinds of Chinese, Mongolian and Korean food tasted in a week. The third day we had easily stick, until it was unusual, but the hunger Lord and he quickly learns. The city traffic and traffic patterns were equally astonishing to us. The crowd and the traffic seemed áttekinthetetlennek, just as the local Highway Code is very lax management.  Fortunately, courses and concerts venue we felt nothing from the outside bustle.



In addition to the big city life in the spinning they met with local folklore characteristics of the historical roots?

The city’s population consists of 8% of the Mongols, but the cultural habits strongly affect the other ethnic groups as well.  An  interesting fact is that Genghis Khan founded the City, and the name means “Green city”.  The farewell vendéglátóinkkal afternoon we took part in a traditional Mongolian steppe trip and lunch in a yurt, where we got to know the local cuisine habits.

Text and photo: University ZMK



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