Honorary diploma in 2016

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2016 April 7.


Awarding honorary diploma

Those teachers of instrumental music or vocal teachers who diplomas 50 or 60 years ago, ie acquired in 1966 to 1956, the University of Szeged Faculty of Music predecessor institution, in 2016 gold, diamonds honorary diplomas qualify.

Based on the request of the honorary diploma of Music Faculty of the University of Szeged donate it to someone who spent at least 25 years of employment with the music teaching profession.

To confirm that the prize would be awarded a special honorary diploma to get. The presentation of the honorary diploma will be held as part of the graduation ceremony, we celebrated 25 June 2016 at a special ceremony.

The applications deadline: 2016 June 3


The documents needed to request a gift certificate:

  • submit to Mr. Prof. Dr. Peter Toth Dean of inquiry addressed to: Department of Music Faculty Dean’s Office, 6722 Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 79-81.
  • Completed data sheet (download here )
  • CV
  • A photocopy of the diploma or honorary diploma photocopy that has already been awarded.

Any questions  please contact Bettina Bagoly administrative office (phone: 62 / 544-600 or e-mail: bagoly.bettina@music.u-szeged.hu).


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