Szeged’s success in IX Joseph Simándy International Singing Competition

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Baracskai Judith, the Department of opera master student of Smith and Eve were awarded to students of Szeged’s second age group of international singing competition shared the first prize. Kálnay Sophia and the special prize of the Association of Friends Szegedi Opera baritone recognition of Major Attila , Szeged’s students received.

The IX. Joseph Simándy International Singing Competition Awards Gala on April 3, the Szeged Symphony Orchestra held at the Szeged National Theatre. The Szeged University Music Faculty and My Country, My Country You Mindenem organized by the Arts and Education Foundation’s international competitiveness Joseph Simándy tenor of the birth of 100 and Szeged National Theatre Historical Course of departure of the 70th anniversary celebrated. The major skills against ever more people, around 140 have occurred. In addition to the Hungarian riders in English, Japanese, Chinese, South Korean, Iranian and Canadian youth, but more came from neighboring countries as well.


The semi-finals on March 29 and 30, the 31-final was held at the Department of Attila József Study and Information Centre. Finally, on 1 April to 30 young finalists qualified.The contestants in the semifinals of a freely chosen song or aria, in the semi-final and the final three plays were produced. A jury of experts evaluated the appearance of singers and stage to express support for the vocal technique, musical skills and a solid knowledge of the pieces among others.

President of the jury Ókovács New Year’s Eve opera singer, director general of the Hungarian State Opera House. Members: Temesi Mary opera singer, University of Szeged professor, Alexander Gyüdi conductor of the Szeged National Theatre director general, Thomas Brave opera singer, the Palace of Arts co-production program director Beretzky Theresa opera singer Klaus Billand Viennese journal Der Neue Merker opera critic. The competition is under the patronage of Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Resources, patron Peter Hoppál Secretary of State for Culture and Simándy József , in my country, my country you Mindenem founder of Art and Educational Foundation.


The competition singers between the ages of 18 and 36 took part. The marches in two age groups – 18-25-year-olds and an undergraduate participants, as well as master’s degrees university students and young artists – was awarded.

The 18-25 years age group a with 300 thousand HUF top of the Vietnamese tenor Ninh Duc Hoang Long finished. Second prize in Raftis Theodora soprano thirdKiss Diana mezzo-soprano. The second age group shared first prize, two 500 thousand forint appreciation Smith Eve soprano, music, art students and faculty in Szeged former Baracskai Judith, the Department of opera masters student wins , two second Egyed Apollonia and Ordinary Agnes soprano. It also shared the third place also winners: Bodi Sophia and Vámosi Catherine soprano.

Sponsors of the competition offered a number of special awards. This year, for the first time was Joseph Simándy special prize, which is the first category Hagen Orsolyasoprano won. Kálnay Sophie special prize of 100 thousand HUF Major Attilabaritone , Faculty of Music of the University of Szeged singing student was, he could take over 50 thousand HUF special prize offered by the Szeged Opera Friends Association too. Bata Reka Dorothy soprano won the award for talents under 21 years of Faculty of Music of the University of Szeged. the platform is 600 thousand forints Simándy Joseph grand prix George Hanczár tenor considered by the jury. the prizes awarded in addition to several courses of action won the Opera House, the Pécs National Theatre, the Katona József Theatre, the REÖK onwards.


Photo: Anna Bobko, Peter Mustache


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