The Department of Music Faculty Ensemble Gregorian 15th Anniversary Concert

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gregorian_coverWe invite you to Faculty Department of Gregorian Music Ensemble 15th anniversary jubilee concert.

November 30th, 2015 – 7:00pm

Faculty of Music Franz Liszt Chamber Hall


  1. Domine ad adiuvandum – inviting chant psalms
  2. Ades Festum
  3. Sanctus iste
  4. Magnus Samson – St. Stephen’s poetry zsolozsmájából details
  5. Alleluia Sancte rex Stephane – Saint Stephen alleluia
  6. Ladislaus honoratur – St. Ladislaus antiphon
  7. Beatus vir alleluia – alleluia St. Ladislaus
  8. Flos nobilium Ave – St. Emeric antiphon
  9. Alleluia Sprevit thorum – St. Emeric alleluia
  10. Dominus induit Elisabeth – St. Elizabeth antiphon
  11. Beate Ave rex Stephane – Saint Stephen antiphon
  12. Ardud mundi spes – processional of
  13. If we Advances will be God – a four-part composition in the Prešov Graduaból artistic director Sudan Mary!

All are welcome – Admission is free!


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