Gábor Martin Receives Pro Arte Gold Medal Honors

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Gabor kindly music teacher Martin’s sophomore undivided master’s degree program – ütőhangszertanár student majoring Pro Arte able to take over the gold medal from the president of the Institute László Lovász, and the President of OTDT Dr. Peter Smederevo on 19 November 2015. The Pro Arte Award for bidding is because first-year students earned a first prize in XXXII. OTDK-n Musser Scherzo Caprice, marimba and place of literature on course work, performer category.

Since 2005, Martin’s first music student who has received the Pro Arte honors.

Preparatory professor Gábor Siklósi college professor

The National Student Council (OTDT) in 1988 decided that the university and college students creativity to unfold, expertise deepen the talent for individual performances better appreciation and recognition of Pro Scientia Gold Medal and Pro Arte Gold Medal, the scientific student activities, high school age students achieving outstanding results in the recognition Founded Junior Pro Scientia Gold Medal award.

Scientia Pro, Pro Arte and Junior Pro Scientia Gold Medal honors for the benefit of young people who provided outstanding performance in studies and in the professional field of their choice, and that entries and lectures in the form of literary, artistic and scientific works or number given. The Gold Medal is therefore not presented in a conference presentation, course work recognized, but on the basis of student performance on the total outstanding personality.

The award from the foundation all the time president of the National Student Council President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences delivered to the awardees together young people, and for the celebratory event traditionally the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will be held in the Ceremonial Hall.

The Gold Medal honors the recipients of the gift box positioned to take over, which is a small, containing the main motive of the same coin, gold-plated enamel badge belongs. , Díszmappában placed on the medal awarding diploma president of the National Student Council president and the minister responsible for education signed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Congratulations to the nice result!


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